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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love stuff that makes me look creative!

I love words and I love looking creative when really I'm about as creative as...NO everything, anything is more creative than me!!

Okay, I'm not going to explore the whole lack of creativity at this moment because, frankly that's depressing.  I'm trying to find things that are upbeat and a totally useless waste of time.  Because if I don't then I might actually be confronted with the piles of paper I'm supposed to do something with.
How do we live in such a fantastically, magical time filled with wondrous technology that does so many mundane tasks for us but yet, I still have plastic shopping bags filled with paper to sort and file?

Okay, I may not be creative but obviously I'm great at getting side tracked.  My intention today was to post something that to me is so cool!

How cool is that?!
In a 70's, spent my childhood at the art museum everyday, kind of way. 
It is every word that I've ever used on this blog.  Now some could take it as I just don't post that often
but I prefer to think that it shows that I am a concise thinker.  I don't need to use a lot of 
unnecessary words.
I'll let you decide.

Thanks to this blog I learn something new all the time LOL  I had no idea how to save the darn image because it was some kind Java Apple thingy I couldn't just right click and save.  I now know how to "snippet" YAY!  If you want to know (in case you're in the elite club I just got kicked out of  that is full of people that don't know how) just ask me!

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