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Monday, January 24, 2011

3 Day Cleanse DONE~ no magic but real results!

So I woke up this morning and weighed myself.  I lost exactly 4.9 pounds.
I know dag well that wasn't all fat.  I've done enough cleanses to know that you drop a LOT of water weight.  Considering there was no salt in my diet for 3 days, I ate plenty of fruits and vegetables, drank plenty of water and body finally released that water.
BUT by doing that cleanse, I'm not craving salty foods, even foods with "hidden" salt now. 
So let's breakdown how three days has changed me...
  • coffee free still..that's a first since 1984!
  • not craving salt
  • not mindlessly eating and still feeling like there is "something" I'm still craving
  • not craving red meat
  • not craving bread...that's major for me!
  • got me back on track with being aware of what I put into my body.
  • and since we're talking bodies and nutrition..I've debated on mentioning it but hey we're grown...I am now regular and haven't had gas in 3 days.  Now to convince Thatman to drink it LOL
Today I had one Shakeology pack.  My plan was for it to replace breakfast but due to how I made it...I snacked on it until lunchtime.  After three days and 3x a day of the same flavor I had to switch it up lol  I took a bag of frozen raspberries and put them in the fridge last night to defrost.  My plan was to put them in the blender frozen but my 13yr old puts away the clean dishes and can't figure out where he put the blades to my blender UGH!  Sooo I put them in a large measuring cup with 2 cups of cold water and 1 pack of Shakeology (it was supposed to be two packs but I found the 2nd one unopened on the counter later...still working on being focused without coffee lol), took a whisk and whisked it up!
Chocolate raspberry Shakeology is like an incredible desert. LOVED IT!

So now that I broke down and tried the Shakeology I need to suck it up and get going seriously on this ChaLEAN Extreme program.  I have made some of the recipes in the included meal plan and oh my gosh, they have been gooodt.  I have done both of the preparatory DVD's where Chalene Johnson explains how to do all of the moves safely, which impressed me.  But for some reason I'm just not moved to really jump on it. Everyone has something that gets them going.  I can do dance-style workouts daily!  I can walk cross country (walking is my favorite exercise).  I can get on my elyptical for 30 minutes daily.  I could even do a regular weight workout daily.  For some reason the combination of strength and cardio in the same workout....maybe it's confusing my mindset lol
My alarm is set for an hour early tomorrow morning and I am getting up and doing this!

If anyone reading this has tried it ..or heck, if you'd like to try it...let me know what you think!
We could encourage each other!  I know I need all the encouragement I can get with this one lol

Mantra for the morning: This will increase my metabolism. My arms will stop moving when I stop moving. This will increase my metabolism. My arms will stop moving when I stop moving.


  1. Oh Erika you are SO silly! I need to place your today's mantra everywhere in my, computer screen, fridge, bathroom mirror! hahaha
    I am starting a cleanse tomorrow, but no food is allowed! Wish me luck! And Congrats on your progress!

  2. ugh for some reason this comment was waiting approval smh!
    I remember you doing your cleanse...I hope it went well for you. I'll be good and not share my opinion....again lol