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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pizza is the Devil! Or was it said that laziness is a tool of the devil...either way, dieting sucks

Today is the third and final day of my Three Day Shakeology Cleanse.

I started my day with green tea.  Followed that with a chocolate Shakeology shake.  I was doing great. Not hungry a bit.

Then the kids decided they need food, too and none of the healthy convenience snacks I stocked the kitchen with were acceptable to them..spoiled kids.  There is a good foot of snow outside and I'm not allowed (according to my family) to drive in it.  The only thing that delivers in my neighborhood is Pizza Hut.  Do you know that they have Veggie Supremes that you can put jalapeno juice on and it's realllly good?
So I told the 4yr old to clean his room the right way and I'll call the Pizza Man or he can do a half-tail job and he'll have soup.  Like most 4yr olds he doesn't understand soup :/
He ended up doing an incredibly great job on his room and well, a deal is a deal.  I ordered two large cheese pizzas for him and his brother.  An hour later, my house smells sooooo good and I'm sippin water and shoving orange slices in my mouth to keep from cursing.

To make it worse...while I'm typing this my 13yr old comes to tell me that instead of getting two cheese pizzas, he just found out one was half pork and the other half my beloved veggie lover with the jalapenos on it! 
Oh, Healthy Eating G*ds why are you toying with my emotions?!

So now for the first time since I've started this cleanse my stomach is growling and I have shut myself in my room.  HELP!

Okay, big breathe...I can overcome the evil that is pizza crust.  I am submitting this entry and then lacing up my tennis shoes.  Elyptical here I come!

Please keep me in your thoughts for strength

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