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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Two of Shakeology Cleanse~cleansing not just my body but trying to get my mind around no coffee!

So today is the second day of this Shakeology cleanse.
I'm really pretty amazed..partially at the Shakeology and a lot at me!

I've done the lemonade cleanse (that's not lemonade, it's yellow, demon... welll it's just nasty!) and lasted almost a day!
I've done juice cleanses and while I felt pretty healthy, I gained 7lbs in just 3 days UGH!
I've done the little pills that come in colon cleanse "kits"..I won't tell you what all happened with that other than to say it made me realize that I really should think about decorating my bathroom more since there is so much potential to spend time in there :/
All of these cleanses left me starved, evil and in need of more air freshener..not to mention the weird sounds Thatman said my stomache made all night.

I've recently become a Beachbody Coach.  That means that among a lot of things I'm happy about, I'm thrilled that I get 25% discount on their products, I have accountability to really stay on my health goals and ever so often I might get a commission lol I know I shouldn't say it like that because my Diamond Coach above me makes over $1000 a week..I just started so I'm happy to lose a thousand calories a week!
I mention all that to say that one of the products I'm authorized to sell is Shakeology.  It's a nutritional drink that can be used as a supplement or complete meal replacement.  With only 140 calories it holds over 70 ingredients, 17 grams of protein, 17 grams of total carbohydrates (which is a good number when it comes to me offering it to Taz, my 15yr old who has Juvenile Diabetes), probiotics , amino acids, I can go on a LOT.  The only thing it boasts which I'm having a real hard time with is NO CAFFEINE.  I'll complain more about that later lol
My feeling is that I can't sell anything that I'm not 100% into..heck that's why I asked about selling Scentsy, I LOVE them!  So I decided I'd take a crash test with Shakeology and do the Three Day Cleanse.  This cleanse wasn't created or endorsed by Beachbody (the company behind Shakeology) but after reading a lot about it, it does seem like a great idea. Heck, nothing can be worse than lemons, cayenne and pancake syrup :)

Today I am on day two and I am really impressed!
It does not taste chalky, like a slimfast or protein powder.  It is thick and pretty rich.  It's not Godiva chocolate flavor but it's better than a Hershey bar in flavor as far as I'm concerned (not better than a dark Hershey, just the milk chocolate Hersheys lol).
What's crazy is that I am actually FULL!  The only problem I have had is the first night I went to get my 4yr old some BK (Yep I'm an amazing mother) and he kept asking why I didn't order the ciabatta chicken. He finally gave up and said that Jimmy John's was better for me anyway.  You should've heard the psychotic conversations that were running in my head!! I managed to get home and keep a sane looking smile on my face while I headed to the kitchen to take 1 cup of cold water, 2 ice cubes and a pack of Shakeology, pour them into a shaker cup and shake out ALL of my aggression!
I did go to bed last night with a headache.  I believe it was from not having my daily cup of Medaglia D'Oro coffee (or some say my daily mud).  I have had a cup of  coffee with one tsp of sugar or one pack of Splenda and enough milk to look late'ish since 1984.  Haven't missed a day willingly.  I woke up with a headache as well but now it's gone!  It didn't turn into a migraine either which is CRAZY.

It is now 10pm and I'm drinking my second Shakeology.  It should be my 3rd but I've been too full to even imagine drinking another until now. *insert confused as heck look*

I should've done the whole before pics, measurement and weighing ..I procrastinated because I really don't want to face it.  I will say that I know I weighed  183 yesterday morning and the scale said I was 44% fat WTH?! So I'm almost half fat.  And this is where I admit how vain I am...Thatman knows nothing of this blog.   Being almost HALF fat sounds so anti-sexy to me smh

Well, you can tell I'm brand new to this blogging thing.
I'm even longer winded in print!
If you've gotten this far I thank you :)  Tomorrow I will suck it up and post my measurements...maybe a picture if I can figure out how to get each of you to submit confidentiality forms.



  1. I don't know how you're doing it, but keep rockin' it! The no caffeine would have been IT for me :)

  2. Thanks!
    On other "cleanses" I've still had my coffee although instructed not to. I decided to go all out this time. If you see me on the news for perpetrating some ridiculously, mindless crime that involves coffee...well, please think kindly of me :/