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Monday, March 7, 2011

Laptops, Food and midlife crisis...welcome to my week!

So I made a big tadoo about how I was going to blog on a regularly scheduled basis.  Yeah, well, there are a lot of things I am supposed to be doing on a regularly scheduled basis.  Lately if it doesn't have to do with personal hygeine or eating, it's pretty much been put on the master procrastination list.

I have honestly, had a pretty good excuse and those that don't have me on their friend list on Facebook will actually believe this excuse.  The truth is that my laptop has decided that it really doesn't like being thrown across a room when a resident teenager has lost their mind.  It also doesn't care for sliding off the bed, hitting the floor and then being yelled at whenever it's owner is trying to reach for another Natural Cheeto (note I said natural..I should get some kind of credit for that).  As payback for these personal offenses to it's hard drive, my laptop has decided that the outlet that the power cord enters on the side of the laptop would only stay truly connected if propped up with a bar of Scentsy...and lately only if that bar smelled like some kind of dessert so as to punish me even more.  So everytime I got really into typing something completely inspirational and life changing., the little blue light on the side would disappear and the laptop would shut down.  Now here is why I know this is a personal beef the laptop has with would only do it if I was trying to do anything that could possibly be passed off as being productive BUT I could chat away on Facebook for hours on end (not that I know that for sure because really, what kind of no life person would I be to actualy spend all day on FB?)

To save me from spending the rest of my days being mocked by a funky attitude having laptop and to keep me from enjoying being unproductive Thatman went in on a laptop for me.  This was yesterday.  Tonight to shut my 13yr old up, I opened the box and decided to come visit Ms. Erika's World.
Now that I have opened this thing my children are arguing over which one of them gets to carry on the tradition of time killin on that old laptop.  I told them that they really don't need any help since they have seemed to master that skill and without any electronic assistance what so ever.  They still think that they're not truly unproductive unless they're running up my electric bill, though.

I know that my title mentioned food and midlife crisis.
That is going to have to wait until tomorrow night.  And yesss there will be a post tomorrow night.  You see I am a woman who thrives on excuses and since this is my new toy, this blog will be my excuse to play on it.  I will not visit Facebook from this laptop...yet.  I will remain strong and productive.  I'll also figure out why there is a button on this desktop that asks if I want to wach Live TV hmmm

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